Why we all sympathize with “The Glory” stewardess Hye Jung: “That character exists in real life”

Choi Hye Jung, played by Cha Joo Young, is strangely gaining sympathy from viewers on Netflix’s “The Glory.”

Choi Hye Jung is a member of the group of bullies who targeted Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) during her school days and is built as a character who desires to go higher than her friends. Even among the bullies, she struggles to survive the class gap, but she is also a character who is entangled in destruction.

Cha Joo-Young

Cha Joo Young showed Hye Jung’s emotions and psychology with great immersion and imprinted her indispensable presence in the work. For her unique dexterity and flexible expression, Cha Joo Young has created a Hye Jung that cannot be forgiven, but also cannot be hated.

In particular, some people are enthusiastic about Hye Jung, saying that there are people like her in real life.

Cha Joo-Young

Hye Jung actually became a flight attendant on her own, unlike her group of “golden spoon” friends who live with the money they inherited. Her salary is not small and she has a job that everyone envies. However, she is a character who has no pride in herself.

After finding a man, she quit being a flight attendant, a job that others envy. For Hye Jung, the feeling of having the most expensive dress or the biggest ring is the best. That’s why even if she couldn’t afford expensive luxury goods, she stole clothes from her family’s laundry customers.

Cha Joo Young

There is definitely a hierarchy among the bullies. However, despite being ignored, Hye Jung still sticks close to her rich friends. Overall, the character lines reflected show that the obsession of changing her status is dominating Hye Jung’s head.

In response, Internet users sympathized with her character. saying, “People who desire to raise their status, who still follow their rich friends around despite being looked down on, seem to exist in real life. I have seen characters like that around me.”

Cha Joo Young the glory

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is a drama about Moon Dong Eun, who suffered terrible school violence in high school, planning for more than a decade to carefully prepare for her revenge against those who made her suffered.

In the drama, Cha Joo Young is receiving favorable reviews for her acting with delicate speed control, adding weight to the series

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