“Human Bunny” Park Eun Bin appeared with adorable airport fashion after returning from the Critics’ Choice Awards 

After attending the Critics’ Choice Awards, Park Eun Bin returned to Korea with a cute look.

Park Eun Bin arrived in Korea through Incheon International Airport on January 17th after completing her overseas schedule. She appeared wearing a cute bunny outfit and caught the attention of fans and netizens.

Park Eun-bin airport
Park Eun-bin airport

Park Eun Bin was wearing a pink hooded zip-up with bunny ears, black pants, and purple ugg boots. She was dressed comfortably for a long flight. 

Park Eun Bin’s outfit is perhaps influenced by 2023, the year of the rabbit, but her affection for rabbits has been long before this. 

Park Eun-bin

Park Eun Bin likes rabbits to the extent that she uses plenty of everyday items with rabbit patterns on such as blankets, pouches, hand mirrors, smartphone pop sockets, and electric fans. She also has the nickname “Bunny Captain”.  

Park Eun-bin

Also, in an interview in the past, Park Eun Bin revealed, “I like rabbits. I raised about 6 rabbits when I was young. (My love for rabbits) started when I went to shoot a children’s clothing commercial. There were rabbits as a prop. After filming, it was difficult for the production team to kill the rabbits. So I told them ‘I’ll take it’ and brought home a white and a black rabbit. At the time, I was 9 years old, and that’s when my relationship with rabbits began.” 

She continued, “The rabbits inspire me a lot. In writing and drawing contests, I always included rabbits and won many awards. From then on, rabbits became my soul mate.”

Park Eun-bin

“After that, I was busy with work, but I felt a great sense of responsibility for my companion animal. Now I’m afraid to be with them recklessly. The sense of loss that I have to let go again is very hurtful. I haven’t raised them since I graduated from elementary school. But I still like rabbits,” she said.

It is known that the bunny hoodie Park Eun Bin wore at the airport is a gift from a fan. Netizens left comments, “So cute”, “The fan must be happy”, “It’s funny and cute because the bunny ears keep fluttering when she walks”, “She’s a human bunny”, “Humanized rabbit Park Eun Bin”,…

Park Eun-bin

Park Eun Bin, who gained great popularity last year through ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, attended the 28th Critics’ Choice Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles (LA) on January 16th (Korean time).

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Drama in the TV category at the Critics’ Choice Awards, but unfortunately did not win.

Park Eun Bin is currently reviewing her next work.

Source: Wikitree. 

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