Dawn, “It’s hard for me to make friends. I went to an event and asked 20 people for their phone numbers”

Dawn, who recently left P Nation and broke up with Hyuna, confessed his worries about having no friends.

On December 20th, Dawn appeared on a web entertainment program on the Youtube channel “Diggle”. The male singer revealed his recent status, saying that he has been looking for a new agency after leaving P Nation.

Dawn said, “It was really nice being in the same company with Psy, and he also helped me a lot. However, I want to find something new, something different”.

When the MCs asked if he had received any love calls from big companies, Dawn said, “I’m glad that there are actually some”, adding “I’m considering them carefully. Which company should I go to? A big company might not be a good choice.”


In addition, Dawn shared, “It’s really hard for me to make friends because of my image. No one approaches me. ‘That guy kinda looks like a playboy, isn’t he?’. That’s what others often think about me”, confessing his honest thoughts.

hyuna dawn

He continued, “I recently took all my courage and went to an event or something like that then asked 20 people for their phone numbers. I greeted them and then asked for their numbers.”

Meanwhile, Dawn’s contract with P Nation, which was founded by Psy, expired in August and he did not review his contract. He later broke up with Hyuna after 6 years of dating. 

Source: Nate

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