Once doing a poor promotional job, YG is stepping their game for BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM”

BLACKPINK finally receives proper treatments for this anticipated comeback, after many low-effort promotional campaigns. 

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Fans are pleased to see YG promote BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM” properly this comeback. (Image: Pinterest) 

YG has recently become the talk of the town for installing a huge billboard in Seoul to promote BLACKPINK and their upcoming title track “PINK VENOM”, following an image of the construction passed around on the Internet. Fans are leaving praise for YG for finally taking proper promotion for their “Ace group”. 

“PINK VENOM”’s enormous billboard installed by YG. (Image: Naver) 
Fans are joyous to see BLACKPINK be properly treated. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

BLINKs are satisfied to see their idols themselves being taken good care of. From their outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks, the female idols are being pampered to the smallest details. The fandom are also blown away at YG’s announcement of a BLACKPINK’s world tour and attendance at the MTV VMAs 2022. After two years of absence, BLACKPINK are taking their chances to reaffirm their status in the K-pop industry. 

The female idols are tended to meticulously from their looks to schedules. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
“PINK VENOM” promises to be a big hit. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Previously, YG was once the source of anger for fans due to the company’s indifferent attitude to BLACKPINK’s activities. The promotional period for “Kill This Love” was a resounding success. Nevertheless, YG chose to only promote the song for mere two days on two stages, Music Core and SBS Inkigayo. They did not go to any other variety or radio shows to promote their work in Korea. This US-focused strategy did not seem to work when YG forgot about their domestic market. 

While being a grand success, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” was poorly promoted in Korea. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
BLACKPINK’s reputation saw a downturn for their focus on the US market. (Image: Rolling Stone) 

Their “Ice Cream” era also drew controversy. While uploading the teaser video for the song on their web pages, YG mistyped “BLACKPINK” as “BACKPINK” or even “LACKPINK” in their prior posts. 

Blackpink Ice Cream 400 million streams
The collaboration between Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK drew major attention. (Image: Pinterest) 
YG mistyped BLACKPINK’s name in their Facebook post. (Image: Screenshot from BLACKPINK’s Facebook page) 
 YG mistyped BLACKPINK’s group name twice, disappointing fans. (Image: Screenshot from YG Life) 

YG’s move to not promote BLACKPINK’s collaborative work with Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy” was also confusing. While Lady Gaga was a famous artist, YG did not make use of her fame to promote their collaborated track. 

blackpink sour candy
“Sour Candy” seems to have been forgotten by YG. (Image: Pinterest) 

Similar indifference was also present during Rosé’s “On The Ground” promotion. The countdown posters were posted randomly, without a clear pattern. Moreover, Rosé’s pictures were reused multiple times instead of new promotional materials. 

Fans criticized promotional posters for Rosé for low quality. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
This concept picture was reused many times throughout the promotion period. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Nonetheless, many fans believed Rosé’s campaigns were not the worst. During the first week of promotion for Lisa’s solo LALISA, YG completely turned away from music shows. It was not until 19th September 2021, 9 days after the release of LALISA, that the idol got the first debut stage in Korea. She continued to appear briefly on Music Core and SBS Inkigayo before officially wrapping up her promotion. Lisa also did not participate in any other television shows. 

Lisa’s solo debut received poor preparation from her company. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
Lisa’s schedules in Korea disappointed fans. (Image: Kpopping) 

After various cases of negligence, YG is finally stepping up their game and providing necessary care and investment in BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM” comeback. Fans are pleased and look forward to this to be BLACKPINK’s another long-waited accomplishment. 

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