Fans may feel surprised at the similarity between BTS members and these people

Looking at these photos, you may think BTS members have twin brothers or sisters.

Have you ever met someone who looks familiar as if you saw somewhere? In fact, it is not rare that people have similar faces or even look like celebrities. However, BTS‘ below “copies” will make you feel unbelievable  because they gives you the feeling that BTS members have twin brothers or sisters.


This is the one who looks like RM most, a model advertising products online. Fans do not know the identity of this girl. However, it can not be denied that this person looks very much like RM.

Besides this girl, Nayeon (TWICE) is also considered to be quite similar to RM. From the mouth, nose, and eyes of the “rabbit” girl all give the feeling she is RM‘s sister.


Netizen has found an amateur actress whose look is similar to J-Hope. This girl has a high nose, thin lips, a V-line face like the BTS member.


A young Japanese man caused netizens to be stunned because he is so similar to V. However, in the photos posted on his personal page, this Japanese guy never shows his full face but reveals his eyes.

In addition, a tomboy in Thailand also became a phenomenon when her face is similar to V, attracting attention from netizens.


Netizens commented that Kanna Hashimoto is actually a copy of Jungkook. This is the one that many Japanese love and a former member of the Rev. from DVL. The two both have big round eyes, fair skin and innocent looks like comic characters.


Woozi (SEVENTEEN) is considered to look extremely like Suga. These idols have a typical cat face with one-lid eyes, a curved mouth with thin lips.

Source: tinnhac

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