Breaking the stereotype…The reason why we should look forward to J-Hope’s “Jack in the Box”

Singer J-Hope is coming back. This time, he will meet audiences around the world as the solo singer J-Hope, not as a member of BTS.

J-Hope‘s new album, titled “Jack in the Box”, will be released on July 13th. As the title implies, it contains J-Hope’s ambition to break the existing frame surrounding him and show his growth to the next level.

J-Hope Jack in the Box

Recently, BTS announced that they would wrap up their first act, which had focused on group activities only, and start their second act, which is to show each member’s various capabilities. J-Hope is the first runner.

However, being the 1st member to kickstart BTS’ 2nd phrase is not the only reason for the audience to expect J-Hope’s new album. J-Hope has already proven his ability as a solo artist several times.

J-Hope Jack in the Box

In particular, his mixtape “Hope World,” which was released in 2018, is worth noting. It is not a common thing for a group that is receiving enough global attention to release their songs in the form of mixtapes.

A mixtape is produced for non-commercial purposes and used as a window to communicate with other musicians around the world. Through “Hope World,” J-Hope clearly showed what color and thoughts he has as a soloist.


J-Hope has been saying “I’m your eternal hope” whenever he introduces himself in public since his debut. His unique positive and energetic vibe has the power to make anyone smile.

In “Hope World,” J-Hope introduced himself in the lyrics, “Hope vibe. Positive rather than negative. I’m worth my name.” And the following year after “Hope World”, in August 2019, he released “Chicken Noddle Soup” with American singer-actor Becky G. He wrote in his lyrics, saying, “Hope on the Street. I’m on my own now,” expressing his confidence as a solo artist. The song topped iTunes charts in more than 100 countries and regions, showing J-Hope’s status.


J-Hope’s husky voice, which is alive with cheerfulness, put his songs to life no matter which stage it is, and at the concert, he also makes fresh attempts to put up a large choir on his solo stage. Since J-Hope is a “Jack in the Box” who declared that he would break the mold surrounding him in earnest, his return as a soloist this time is definitely worth your attention and support.

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