“Her face is crazy”… Photos of Suzy in a wedding dress received explosive responses from netizens

The appearance of actress Suzy in a wedding dress attracted netizens’ attention.

On June 25th, the scene where Suzy marries actor Kim Jun-han in Coupang Play’s “Anna” drew attention from netizens on online communities.

Netizens who saw Suzy wear a wedding dress left comments such as “She looks like a young queen“, “‘Anna’ was fun to watch“, “Suzy is so pretty” and “It’s just like a painting.”

Suzy anna

“Anna” is a drama based on Jung Han-ah’s novel “Intimate Stranger” (published in 2017). It tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie.


In the drama, Suzy plays the dual roles of Lee Yumi, a woman who was born by a poor father and a disabled mother, and Lee Anna, a perfect woman that everyone envies.

Source: wikitree

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