Real siblings Moon Bin and Moon SuA’s “Candy in My Ears” stage, intimate skinship

ASTRO Moon Bin prepared a couple stage with Moon SuA, his younger sister and member of girl group Billie.

On KBS2’s “Music Bank,” which aired on Jun 24th, Moon Bin and Moon SuA covered Baek Ji-young and 2PM Ok Taek-yeon’s duet song “Candy in My Ears” as a special stage.

“Candy in My Ears” is a song where you can see the mature stage manners and chemistry of the male and female singers. Moon SuA and Moon Bin, who is called the “Moon Siblings,” completed the stage with enthusiasm by showing their “real siblings” chemistry.

Moon SuA showed her fatal and provocative charms through various couple choreographies in harmony with her brother Moon Bin. Moon SuA maximized her chic yet sexy charm with an overfit jacket, and performed the point choreography of “Candy in My Ears” with her own charming vibe.

In particular, the part where Moon Bin danced with his hand on SooA’s waist in the chorus caught the attention at once. Those who saw this responded, “Is that choreography possible for brother and sister?” and “Isn’t that skinship too strong?”

moonbin sua music bank

In the second verse, Moon SuA performed took over Taecyeon’s part in the original song and showed off her main rapper skill.

Since they are “real siblings,” their performance is getting all the attention among K-Pop lovers.

Moon Bin stroking Moon SuA’s head or covering her face as a joke gave off a very “real brother” vibe, drawing a smile from viewers.

In the ending pose, Moon SuA also pretended to hide inside Moon Bin’s jacket. The two smiled at their fans and showed their unexpected charms.

moonbin sua music bank

Meanwhile, Moon Bin and SuA are both active as idols. Moon Bin is currently active as a member of ASTRO, and Moon SuA debuted as a member of Mystic Story’s first girl group Billie in November last year.

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