“Like a snake crossing a wall,” is how Seo Ye-ji trying to return

Isn’t this when the expression as quiet and smooth “as a snake crossing a wall” should be used?  

Seo Yeji

“Queen of Controversy” Seo Ye-ji tried to return after more than a year of suspension. She secretly signaled the return of her activities by releasing photos of the script reading site for the cable channel tvN’s new drama “Eve’s Scandal.” However, the public’s gaze toward her is cold. 

On Feb 25th, “Eve’s Scandal”, starring Seo Ye-ji, announced the start of the drama by releasing photos of the script reading scene with its actors. 


Eve’s Scandal” tells the story of Lee Ra-el, who designed a revenge plan for 13 years that will destroy the top 0.1% class of Korea Seo Ye-ji plays the role of Lee Ra-el and leads the story as the protagonist of a divorce suit worth 2 trillion won between a couple from the 0.1% upper-class. 

Earlier, Seo Ye-ji was under fire for the controversy over “gaslighting” with her past lover Kim Jung-hyun. In a message chat log released by a media outlet at the time of the relationship between Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji, it contains contents such as “Kim Dry-ssi, remove all the physical contact,” “Why didn’t you tell me how you did today?” (Seo Ye-ji) “I didn’t even say hello to the female staff today,” “I was completely dry to everyone” and “I once again nailed the director not to do any romance” (Kim Jung-hyun). This period coincides with when Kim Jung-hyun was under controversy over his unknown attitude at MBC’s production presentation of “Time”. For this reason, criticism poured out that Seo Ye-ji was controlling Kim Jung-hyun.

Seo Yeji

Regarding the incident with Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Ye-ji said, “It is a common affection fight between lovers in this industry.” She indirectly expressed her regret for causing concern to many people due to her immature feelings, but since then, various other suspicions have erupted, including allegations of school violence, allegations of forgery of academic background, and staff abuse. In particular, the suspicion over her forgery of the educational background was fatal. Seo Ye-ji appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” and said she majored in Journalism and Broadcasting at a university in Spain in the past before taking a leave of absence and becoming an actor, but a netizen said, “Seo Ye-ji never entered any university in Spain.”

As the scandal grew, Seo Ye-ji explained, “Seo Ye-ji had received the admission letter and was preparing for admission to Madrid University in Madrid, Spain, but since then, she has not been able to attend college normally as she started her activities in Korea.”

Seo Yeji

Instead of explaining, Seo Ye-ji chose the silent answer. Advertisers hurriedly broke up with Seo Ye-ji and she failed to discuss her appearance on OCN’s “Ireland,” but Seo Ye-ji did not mention any of it. She did not directly talk about various suspicions or controversies that had been constantly poured out regarding her past. 

In the end, the way she returned after a year of silence was to “silently bury the past.” In other words, in a photo released by the “Eve’s Scandal” production team that day, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Sun-yeon, and Lee Sang-yeop stood side by side with Seo who declared her return unnoticed. 

Seo Yeji

Then, why did the production team choose Seo Ye-ji at the risk of controversy? The production team said, “We think acting skill and the ability to digest the character is more important than anything else as ‘Eve’s Scandal’ contained the process of meticulously preparing for a revenge plan,” adding, “Seo Ye-ji is an actor with a strong image and energy to immerse herself into Lee Ra-el’s character. She has been analyzing the script more thoroughly than anyone else since the first meeting. Her high understanding of the character and extraordinary affection for this work are the main reasons why we confirmed the casting with her,” they explained.

Can Seo Ye-ji maintain the faith of the production team only with her acting skills? Or will she still fail to erase the controversy and break her character in the drama? Attention is focusing on what result her choice will bring.

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