Revealing the visual and profile of Kris Wu’s rumored fiancée

Chinese netizens have found the identity of the girl who is said to be Wu Yi Fan’s fiancée following rumors that the male singer secretly got married and had a 2-year-old child.

Yesterday (August 19), Wu Yi Fan was rumored to actually get married and even had a 2-year-old child. This information has caught huge attention on Chinese social media. Notably, there are also sources claiming that this scandalous male singer’s fiancée is a talented girl, graduated from Tsinghua University (top 1 of China).

On August 20, the page BJH unexpectedly posted an article revealing another detail related to Kris Wu’s fiancée. Not only graduated from Tsinghua University, this girl also holds a prestigious master’s degree from the Guanghua Academy of Peking University in Beijing – the school is also among the top in China. Thanks to these details, netizens have discovered the identity of the supposed ‘female lead’ in the story, a girl named Joanna Zheng.

As reported, Joanna Zheng is a social media influencer. She has a pretty face and an extremely attractive body. On social networks, this girl often uploads photos of her traveling and shopping with high-end items, always showing off her impressive figure that can be compared to any celebrity.

Not only pretty, Joanna Zheng also has an admirable academic record. Same as in the rumors shared by bloggers, Joanna used to share a photo of her getting a degree from the Guanghua Academy of Peking University.

 Netizens also found two important details to prove that Wu Yi Fan and this girl really had a suspicious relationship. A source stated that because of Wu Yi Fan, Joanna used to apply to be a trainee at a iQiyi’s show that Wu Yi Fan participated in. Moreover, in 2019, there were rumors that the former EXO member was dating Joanna, and the two went to the US to go skiing.

 Amid the time when the scandal between Wu Yi Fan and Du Meizhu broke out, Joanna did not make any moves.  At this time, there was a comment sent to Joanna: “Fortunately, you broke up with Wu Yi Fan”, which the male singer’s “rumored fiancée” replied: “It’s just a rumor”.

Netizens also questioned the fact that in the past, someone had filmed a video of Wu Yi Fan and Joanna at a bar in the US having fun, this girl replied: “It’s simply because we had a mutual friend so we were just drinking and dancing together.”

Currently, Cnets are still questioning the real relationship between this girl and Wu Yi Fan. Revisiting Joanna’s social media posts, Cnets are overwhelmed by what she shared. Not only having a luxurious and expensive life, Joanna also often participates in volunteer activities for the community and animal protection. She seems to have both visual and talent.


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