A shocking theory about “Reborn Rich” character Lee Hang Jae is drawing netizens’ attention

A netizen aroused drama fans’ interest with their prediction about the character Lee Hang Jae (Jung Hee Tae) in JTBC’s series “Reborn Rich”.

The Youtube channel “Drama Theory” recently uploaded a video titled “Lee Hang Jae is Jin Sung Joon’s spy! The shocking reason Director Lee betrayed! (+Last episode twist)”.

The released video contains a theory related to episode 14 of “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 18th.

reborn rich

In episode 14, the story of Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) losing Sunyang right in front of his eyes due to the sudden betrayal of Lee Hang Jae at the regular shareholders’ meeting was depicted. At the most important moment, Lee Hang Jae turned around and held hands with Jin Sung Joong (Kim Nam Hee). Jin Do Joon faced a crisis as he didn’t know what was going on. However, Jing Sung Joon immediately abandoned Lee Hang Jae after getting what he wanted. Facing a bitter end, Lee Hang Jae delivered the real legacy and the “Micro Project” slush fund book left by Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) to Jin Do Joon.

Mentioning this content, Youtuber “Drama Theory” said, “When Jin Do Joon asked, ‘You are holding the completely secret slush fund in your hands, and no one knows about it. Then why are you telling the truth to me?’, Lee Hang Jae replied, ‘Would you believe it if I say it now?’”

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They continued, “Lee Hang Jae then explained, ‘It’s not my choice to be born as a servant, but I can choose the owner to serve. I cannot let Jin Young Ki and Vice Chairman Jin Dong Ki own Sunyang. Aren’t you thinking the same?’, and showed a sincere look as if he was serious about the future of Sunyang.”

“Drama Theory” then began to explain a theory, saying “Maybe Lee Hang Jae did not betray Chairman Jin, but he already predicted that the Financial Holding Company would fail without Chairman Jin Yang Chul. He pretended to be a ‘spy’ and deceived Jin Yang Chul’s sons to go all-in to the Financial Holding Company and lose money. I wonder if he was using Jin Sung Joon”.

Reborn rich

In response to this theory video, netizens commented, “I also don’t think Lee Hang Jae betrayed. I think he followed Chairman Jin’s instruction to push Jin Do Joon to the edge of the cliff so that he can fight back powerfully”, “Was he a real betrayal? Or was it also Chairman Jin’s last test? What a pity if he really betrayed Jin Yang Chul…In the end, he doesn’t have anyone on his side… In the end, what he said to Do Joon was right… Not to trust anyone”, “I already thought it was an intended betrayal from the beginning. Many people really think it’s a real betrayal”, etc.

song joong ki the youngest son of the chaebol family

One netizen drew keen attention with their detailed comment. They said, “I don’t understand why people call this betrayal. Director Hang Jae has been Chairman Jin’s person from the beginning. It was the process of him choosing who to serve next when the Chairman position is left empty. There were many scenes of him and Do Joon when Chairman Jin collapsed, but yes, he’s not Do Joon’s person. This might have been his plan to once again remind Do Joon of Chairman Jin’s words that he should not trust anyone. Do Joon approached Chairman Jin because he wanted to buy Sunyang.  Lee Hang Jae noticed that Jin Do Joon’s determined eyes have changed a lot while staying by Chairman Jin’s side, so he tried to bring back the former Jin Do Joon, who wanted to buy Sunyang, using the revised will of Chairman Jin. Later when Lee Hang Jae came back to Do Joon with the slush fun, the part when Jin Do Joon suspected whether the slush fund was really for him indicates that he is now trusting no one”.

Meanwhile, “Reborn Rich” did not air on December 23rd. Episode 15 will be broadcasted on December 24th. 

Source: wikitree

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