Mnet evil edited a contestant then cut off all her screen time in the performance?

Another Chinese contestant made her teammates dissatisfied with her attitude, but her fans claim that this is the consequence of Mnet’s evil editing.

The Salute team’s performance in episode 7 of Girls Planet 999 consists of the following contestants: Kim Do Ah, Kim Hye Rim, Yoon Ji A, Cai Bing, Chia Yi, Zhang Luo Fei, Arai Risako, Hayase Hana, and Shima Moka.

During practice and evaluation with the mentors, when asked who made the choreography, Cai Bing was the first to raise her hand, making the other members confused. Seeing this, Kim Doah explained to the trainers that the choreography was co-created by 5 members.

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The members were surprised when Cai Bing took credit for the choreography

After the performance, the group got quite good feedback, but Cai Bing was said to look stiff and dance faster than the rest of the group. Sunmi suggested that the group reconsider the one’s in charge of the killing part. In response to this, the Chinese contestant said that she had to fix it through practice, but now that she is the group’s leader, she has to quickly arrange the group’s positions and formation, so there is no time for individual practice. 

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While the girls gathered to re-distribute the parts, Cai Bing expressed her thoughts, “The killing part compared to the explosive choreography with highlights must attract attention. It’s not that I insist on doing the killing part. I think every member of our group is good at dancing. As long as we dance well, we can turn every part into the killing part and stand out.”

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While doing an interview, a member revealed that she actually wanted JiA to dance the killing part, but because Cai Bing cried, other members couldn’t say anything more.

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The girls practiced again, but Cai Bing continued to make everyone dissatisfied because she wanted to share a part with Zhang Luo Fei. A part was supposed to be only Zhang Luo Fei’s, but Cai Bing still wanted the two to perform together. She resolutely said: “I’m the leader. I think it’s fine if you just follow what I said. Don’t give any more opinions.”

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The members’ reactions to Cai Bing’s attitude

At the rehearsal stage, the members were all praised, but Cai Bing still received the criticism “dancing like being chased by music”.

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Caption: “Too fast. You danced like you was chased by the music.”

However, on the official stage, although Cai Bing took on the killing part, she had absolutely no screen time. Her fans are very angry and think that Mnet intentionally used evil editing.

– When in the practice room, Cai Bing is like a selfish greedy person who wants to be the leader, the center, takes the killing part and doesn’t listen to the members’ opinions. In the end she almost disappeared except for the opening with the ending on the official stage.

– Cai Bing was smeared by Mnet evil edit. Looking at the way the station pushes the contestants, you know how many C-group members Mnet will debut!

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