FreeZia immediately mentioned “this name” when asked about her ideal type

The netizens are looking back at how FreeZia, who is appearing in “Single’s Inferno”, answered in the past when asked about her ideal type. 

solo hell

On Jan 4th, an article titled “FreeZia’s ideal type is still the same” was posted on the online community Nate.

free zia

In the article is a screenshot of FreeZia answering on her SNS in the past, saying, “Kim Jae-wook, Hyun-bin, Ju Ji-hoon, and Kai’s beauty of corruption,” when fans asked her, “Tell me about your male celebrity ideal type.”

Netizens who saw the article commented, “That’s why she doesn’t like Choi Si-hoon,” “Her ideal type is the same with mine,” “Kim Nam-gil should be added there,” and “I think I know what she sees in them.”

free zia
choi si hun

FreeZia (real name Song Ji-ah), born in 1997, is a beauty creator with about 1.2 million YouTube subscribers. She majored in Korean dance at Hanyang University’s dance department.

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