A fan-edited video showing how BTS celebrate parties nowadays differs from that of 7 years ago drew keen attention from netizens

A video that reveals how BTS has changed after 7 years recently became a hot topic.


Recently, a video was posted on an Instagram account managed by a BTS fan. In the released video, BTS moments in 2014 and 2021 were shown, respectively. 

The first part revealed BTS members holding a party to celebrate their 1st debut anniversary in 2014, which was originally uploaded on BTS’s Youtube channel. At that time, BTS members cooked everything themselves and gathered together around a cake, and sang the ‘congratulation’ song. This video attracted keen attention as people could feel how young the members looked back then.

The second footage was filmed and introduced in 2021 when BTS hosted a V LIVE broadcast shortly after they attended the 2021 American Music Awards. At this awards ceremony, BTS won Artist of the Year.

Unlike their simple looks in 2014, BTS of 2021 dressed fashionably and enjoyed a party with wines.

In response to this video, netizens gave enthusiastic comments, saying “BTS has truly succeeded”, “I’m always rooting for you”, “They have always looked so cool, even in 2014 or now”.


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