BTS’s Jin Showed Affection For Maknae Jungkook While In Military, “You Will Join Our Party Soon”

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, reported his whereabouts while serving in the military

On September 24th, Jungkook announced the release of his new song “3D” through BTS’s official Weverse Live.

That day, Jin drew attention as he was spotted watching Jungkook’s Weverse live broadcast and leaving comments in real time.

bts jungkook

When Jin commented, “Stop touching your hair”, Jungkook smiled happily and replied, “Jin~ how have you been?”. Jin continued, “Jungkook ah, please contact me. J-hope and I send each other over 300 messages every day”, making Jungkook burst into laughter.

In response, Jungkook said, “Since the time I can contact you changes every time. I also travel overseas quite often these days so the time difference is not right. I’m sorry, I’ll see you when you’re on vacation”.

Jin then added, “You will join our party soon”. “Party” that Jin mentioned in his comment actually means “military enlistment”.

Jungkook responded, “Are you a party master, hyung? Since you were the first person to go there. Okay, let me in when I join the party”.

bts jin

Later, Jin commented, “You’re always very cool, Jungkook ah. Fighting. Stop talking about me, now talk about yourself”. Jungkook replied, “But you looked so cool when you enlisted. Your face does not change at all. You really don’t age. I think you’re looking younger”, pouring compliments for his eldest brother.

ARMY couldn’t help but feel so touched seeing Jin, who is currently serving in the military, leaving supportive words for Jungkook on Weverse Live.

Jin was the first BTS’s member to enlist in December last year, then j-hope joined the army in April this year. Suga has begun fulfilling his military service from September 22nd.

All BTS members recently renewed their contract with Big Hit Music and announced that they would resume group activities after the military service period.

Source: Nate

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