“Snowdrop” Jung Hae-in and Jisoo acknowledged each other as ‘BLINK’ and ‘romance master’

On January 19th, a video titled “Partner Ability Test Ep.01 ‘Snowdrop’ Jung Hae-in & Jisoo | Hae-in is a BLINK?” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Disney+ Korea. Jung Hae-in and Jisoo, who appear in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday ônging drama “Snowdrop”, conducted a “Partner Ability Test” to check how well they know each other.

Jung Hae-in said Jisoo is 100% synchronized with her character Eun Young-ro, but Jisoo revealed the answer to be “80%”. She then said, “Youngro is more honest. There are many times when I feel upset and I don’t want to show that feeling to anyone. In the case of Youngro, she would get angry, cry and say it right away. I think she’s really amazing.”

On the other hand, Jisoo said Jung Hae-in and Im Su-ho’s synchronization rate was 88%. However, Jung Hae-in believed the answer should be 50%. He said, “I always get about half right and the other half is filled with acting with my co-star”.

Jung Hae-in & Jisoo interview

Jung Hae-in answered the question about Jisoo’s nickname correctly, saying “Chichoo, Jisunie, Chu”. In particular, he even explained the name “Jisunie”, saying, “The members call her ‘Jisoo unnie’ in a shorter way as ‘Jisunie’”. Jisoo was surprised by Jung Hae-in’s answer. She reacted, “How did you know that?”, “He got it all correct. It was a perfect answer”, then confirmed Jung Hae-in as a BLINK.

In addition, Jung Hae-in once again shocked Jisoo by getting the correct answer “Elsa” to the question asking “When BLACKPINK transformed into Frozen characters as an event for fans to celebrate their 4th debut anniversary, which character did Jisoo choose?”. When Jisoo asked how he knew the answer, Jung Hae-in drew attention as he confidently said, “I know that because I’m a BLINK”.

Jung Hae-in & Jisoo interview

Moreover, Jisoo wrote “romance master” as Jung Hae-in’s nickname and explained, “Even until the last filming, the director told me, ‘He’s a master, you can just follow him’.”


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