Han So Hee is beaten, harassed in the first 2 episodes of My Name; the character’s image shocked viewers

Does anyone realize that this pitiful-looking girl is the new generation “beauty goddess” Han So Hee?

After many days of keeping fans waiting, Netflix Korea’s action blockbuster My Name has also officially debuted with 9 episodes. The film is about the journey of a 17-year-old girl whose father was killed. She is trained to be a talented assassin and infiltrates the police world to find the person who murdered her father. The main character of the film is Han So Hee – the latest “muse” of Korean Netflix, who has just participated in the hit drama ‘Nevertheless’.

Han So Hee My Name

Han So Hee‘s image in My Name is completely different from her previous appearances. In the role of Ji Woo, the actress is no longer feminine, but rather tough and sturdy. Notably, in the first two episodes of My Name, the character was repeatedly beaten by others and even harassed.

The character Ji Woo was only 17 years old when her father became a wanted criminal and had to run away.  The girl has to live alone, facing the police pursuit, being bullied by friends.  On her birthday, Ji Woo also had to be alone in the house, her meal only consisted of canned vegetables. Ji Woo’s father risked his life to visit her.  However, as soon as he arrived at his house, he was shot and brutally killed by a masked man, right in front of Ji Woo’s eyes.  Unable to determine who murdered her father, Ji Woo painstakingly sought out her father’s former associates to shed light on the death of her only relative.

Ji Woo’s request for assistance was turned down. The male lead, Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon), slaps her, and she is then beaten up by scammers again. When being accepted into Mu Jin’s gangster organization, Ji Woo also spent a long time being beaten, drugged, and sexually assaulted by the beastly men there. By episode 2 of My Name, the audience did not seem to recognize Ji Woo because her face was tragically deformed.

Han So Hee My Name
Han So Hee My Name
Han So Hee’s image in episode 2 shocked viewers.
han so hee

After many ups and downs, Ji Woo finally became a core employee of the Drug Prevention Department.  However, her journey ahead is still thorny and contains many surprises. She also gradually exposed the true face of that year’s killer.

han so hee
After many efforts, the character Ji Woo became a talented policeman

My Name is now available on Netflix. 

Source: K14

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