Chinese netizens: “IVE Jang Won Young’s phoenix hairpin is a Chinese tradition” vs. Prof. Seo Kyung Duk: “This is stealing”

Prof. Seo Kyung Deok criticized the Chinese netizens who claimed that the phoenix hairpin IVE Jang Won Young wore during a fashion show in France is theirs as “stealing.”

Professor Seo Kyung Deok of Sungshin Women’s University said on SNS on Oct 28th, “Some Chinese netizens claimed that the Phoenix-shaped hairpin introduced by Jang Won Young is ‘Chinese’,” and pointed out, “’Bongjam’, which means a phoenix-shaped hairpin, is a traditional Korean accessory.”


Some influencers and netizens in China are stealing and turning Korean traditional culture into their own,” he said. “It’s because they can become a hot topic if they attack Hallyu stars and it’s easy to mislead public opinion through domestic articles.”


Professor Seo criticized that when actress Park Shin-hye posted a picture of herself wearing hanbok on her SNS in the past, Chinese netizens attacked her with malicious comments. Actress Kim Yoo-jung was also attacked as “plagiarizing Ming Dynasty’s outfit” for wearing hanbok.

Professor Seo said, “As Korean traditional culture and pop culture are attracting attention from all over the world, Chinese netizens felt a sense of crisis, and wrong patriotism works under the pretext of this. I hope Chinese netizens will learn to respect other countries’ cultures first.”

Source: dispatch

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