“The Red Sleeve” Lee Joon-ho praised by the press for this dedicated action

The press applauded Lee Joon-ho for his perseverance.

Singer and actor Lee Joon-ho reportedly delivered handwritten autographs to about 80 reporters after the interview to ark the end of the drama “The Red Sleeve,” showing his humbleness.

Lee Jin-ho, a entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber, revealed an interview with Daily Sports reporter Lee Hyun-ah on YouTube on January 26th.

Reporter Lee said Lee Joon-ho attended the online interview session to celebrate the ending of “The Red Sleeve” held for two days on January 3rd and 4th, adding, “Lee Joon-ho sent handwritten autographs to 80 reporters who attended the interview. He sent it the next day after the final interview by special express.”

He said Lee Joon-ho sent his autograph to reporters, saying he was grateful that there were many praising articles during the drama’s broadcast, which helped raise its ratings.

lee joon ho

Reporter Lee said, “Lee Joon-ho was very grateful that reporters came to the final interview. Also, he said that he knew about the favorable articles that contributed to the ratings throughout the broadcast. He gave them a small gift out of gratitude for that,” he said.

Lee Joon-ho is also said to have shown delicacy in writing the names and characteristics of each reporter along with his autograph. Reporter Lee said, “He wrote down the names and characteristics of reporters one by one along with autographs which had his face on. He said he wrote it for the PR team as well.”

“It is very rare for an actor to give his sign to the reporters first. Lee Joon-ho seems to know the importance of meeting them. So I think he tried not to forget his gratitude for their favor during the final interview.”

lee joon ho

Lee Joon-ho made his debut in 2008 with 2PM’s first single album “Hottest Time Of The Day.” Since then, starting with the movie “Cold Eyes” in 2013, he has also been acting at the same time. He played the role of Jeongjo perfectly in “The Red Sleeve,” which recently ended, showing his growing acting skills.

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