Female leads having sad endings in the Korean scene: Yoona’s ending was not the most painful 

These female leads could not find happiness at the end of the tunnel. 

 Korean dramas have a set of tear-jerking series that are bound to drain the tears of their viewers. While the romance is worth rooting for, especially when the main couples have difficulties thrown in their ways, “happy-ever-after”’s are not always guaranteed. 

Big Mouth

Yoona (Big Mouth)

yoona big mouth

The ending to the highly anticipated “Big Mouth” came as a shock to many viewers. After overcoming countless obstacles, the young couple Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Mi Ho (Yoona) could finally reunite. Unfortunately, as Mi Ho’s cancer developed more dangerously, she could not beat the final obstacle, death, to be with her husband’s side. The bitter passing of the character Mi Ho helped to push viewership in the final episode, but at the cost of mixed reviews. 

Lee Se Young (The Red Sleeve)

the red sleeve

The period drama “The Red Sleeve” cherished by a wide range of audiences came to an unforgettable conclusion. The love story between Lee San (Lee Jun Ho) and Deok Im (Lee Se Young) was struggling but optimistic. Yet it could not end on a happy note as the female lead passed away because of measles. Lee San was left behind and their love story was one of the past. 

Go Min Si (Youth of May)

youth of may

Youth of May” has a high chance to be the most devastating Korean series of 2021 when the main couple, Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and Myung Hee (Go Min Si) had to go through much hardship only to depart in the end. In the final moments of the series, Myung Hee died during a chaos and left a wound so deep in Hee Tae’s heart that he could not move on and stayed single in his following years. 

Song Hye Kyo (Autumn in My Heart)

autumn in my heart

Song Hye Kyo took away the tears of “Autumn in My Heart” fans by pulling off the heart-breaking ending to the series. As Eun Seo, the character could not overcome her fate to be with her lover. She died a peaceful death in the arms of Joon Seo (Song Seung Heon), putting an end to a love filled with ups and downs. It was also shocking that Joon Seo decided to take his own life to be with his loved one, Eun Seo. 

Choi Ji Woo (Stairway to Heaven)

Stairway To Heave

“Stairway to Heaven” laid the foundations for the melodramatic genre of the star-crossed childhood lovers, Han Jung Seo (Choi Ji Woo) and Cha Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo). At the end, through many sacrifices to keep Jung Seo alive, she still could not fight against the “villainous” cancer. The series was definitely a tear-jerker with a heart-wrenching ending and Choi Ji Woo herself earned the title “The Queen of Tears”. 

Source: Soompi

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