3rd place ‘My Liberation Note’, 2nd place ‘Little Women’, what is the best drama of the year?

The list of ’10 Best dramas of the year in 2022’ has been announced and is attracting attention.

Cine 21 recently announced a list of ‘Best 10’, saying, “We selected 10 series that shone in 2022.” It is said that a total of 29 film critics, journalists, and TV critics participated in the selection process. It is known that the selected target is a series aired from December 20th of last year to December 4th of this year. This includes single-act plays. 

According to Cine 21’s announcement, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ was selected as the best drama of the year, beating ‘My Liberation Note’ in 3rd place and ‘Little Women‘ in 2nd place. 

extraordinary attorney woo
My Liberation Notes
little women

Following these works, the 4th to 10th places are ‘Red Sleeves’, ‘Anna‘ (Director’s Cut), ‘Twenty Five Twenty One‘, ‘Yumi’s Cells Season 2’, ‘Boy Judgment’, ‘Wild Boar Hunt’, ‘Weak Hero Class’ 1′.

Red Sleeve

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, which beat out all the outstanding works and ranked as the best drama of the year, is a drama depicting the story of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), a new lawyer with a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder. It have 16 episodes which aired on ENA from the end of June to mid-August this year. 

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, which showed popularity like a syndrome on the new channel ENA, once again imprinted the perception that the quality of content is more important than the value of the platform name. 

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ started with 0% ratings at the beginning and set an unprecedented record by recording the highest rating of 17.5% in the final episode. As such, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ received attention and love from many people at once. 

extraordinary attorney woo thumbnail

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ was also honored to be named ‘2022 Good Drama of the Year’ selected by Kim Soo-hyun Drama Art Hall. The Kim Soo-hyun Drama Art Hall, run by the Cheongju Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation, announced this on the 8th.

Source: Wikitree

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