Mamamo Solar’s personal YouTube channel’s monthly revenue is estimated to be about 100 million won?

In ‘TMI News’, Solar surprised everyone when she revealed that the monthly profit from her Youtube channel is over 100 million won.

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The Mnet variety show ‘TMI NEWS’ boardcasted on the 28th , featured stars who have had a high earning and stars who have had a lot of financial loss. The first place idol was the ones who have had a high earning.

In seventh place is “a star who lives a day like it has 48 hours,” said Solar of Mamamoo. Solar even has her own YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers and 180 million total views.

Solar said that she has made more profits than before, seeing as her channel now has more than double the number of subscribers and certainly has more views. In any case, Solar took 7th place with a maximum monthly income of over 100 million won.

Next in the ranking is Kang Ta at number 6 and Kim Sang Hyuk at number 5.

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Kang Ta
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Kim Sang Hyuk
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