Despite having a “bad-ass” image, G-DRAGON looks polished and handsome in a suit

A simple suit can turn G-DRAGON into a fine gentleman without any fancy fashion items!

G-DRAGON has been known as “the King of Kpop” and “The fashion king”. Not only is he one of the leading artists in Korea, G-DRAGON is also the fashion icon. The BIGBANG leader was even known as “the Chanel prince” as he’s always in the front row in many fashion shows.

G-DRAGON with his unique fashion styles
He always showed up in many fashion events with colorful hair
His one of a kind styles have impressed the founder of Chanel

Every time he appeared, he will surprise the fans with his cool postures in his “bad-ass” charisma. G-DRAGON always mixes different famous designs into a fashion style of his own. But if you are so used to the image of a rebellious G-DRAGON, surely you will be surprised to see a simple Kwon Jiyoung in a traditional black suit.

A simple suit can turn G-DRAGON into a fine gentleman without any fancy fashion items!
A simple black suit with pushed-up hairstyle make G-DRAGON look handsome like a prince
My heart is melting ~

G-DRAGON is no longer a man with “fierceness and strong personalities” but a “cooler” person who makes female fans go crazy. This photo was taken in 2016 when G-DRAGON took part in a show called “Infinite Challenge”. Many fans say that after seeing the photo, they all agreed that no matter what kind of clothes he wears, G-DRAGON always has a special aura which no one else has.

G-DRAGON looking fabulous in suits

It has been proven that even when he is still enlisting, G-DRAGON’s impact is not decreasing at all. Now, let’s take a look at some of our man’s photos while waiting for his comeback.

Source: Yan News

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