Kang Dong-won confidently sang “Blueming” as a fan of IU

Actor Kang Dong-won revealed his unexpected singing skills by singing singer IU’s “Blueming.”

On the afternoon of May 19th, KBS2’s “Entertainment Company Live” featured lead actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, IU, and Lee Joo-young ahead of the release of the movie “Broker.”

Amidst the friendly atmosphere, a quiz corner was held to check how well the main actors knew each other.


Song Kang-ho said he had a special affection for IU, but he did not know her song well, causing laughter.

When the reporter saw this and asked if anyone could sing IU’s songs if they knew any, Kang Dong-won stepped up.

Kang Dong-won sang IU’s hit song “Blueming” confidently, but the original singer IU couldn’t hold back her laughter while listening to his singing.


This is because Kang Dong-won, who is not good at setting the tone, turned the song into a very cute one.

After listening to Kang singing an unknown song, Song Kang-ho and Lee Joo-young laughed loudly, while IU asked Kang Dong-won carefully, “What song did you sing?”

Kang Dong-won, who seemed shy, urgently tried to explain that he was singing IU’s “The Story Only I Didn’t Know.”


Kang Dong-won confessed that he liked “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” the most among IU’s songs, to which IU smiled and responded.

It was a scene where the warm senior-junior chemistry between Kang Dong-won and IU’ stood out.

kang-dong-won iu

Viewers who saw this interview praised Kang Dong-won, saying, “It’s amazing how he sings,” and “The two of them are really pretty.”

On the show, IU also revealed her special “fan sentiment,” exclaiming Kang Dong-won was really cool in her heart.


Meanwhile, the movie “Broker” by Japanese famous film director Hirokazu Koreeda, which boasts a strong lineup of actors and has become a hot topic every day, is scheduled to be released on June 8th.

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