6 K-dramas that suffer from the cast’s scandals 

These actors came under controversy and directly affected the entire cast and crew of their dramas. 

Actors are often seen as the faces of every production, so once they get embroiled in a scandal, the whole cast and crew will suffer from the aftermath even though they did nothing wrong. From recasting, having the filming, broadcast delayed, to being taken off air indefinitely, the following dramas had to pitifully deal with the consequences of actors’ controversies. 

Bloodhounds, Trolley

After being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, causing property damage, and fleeing the scene in Gangnam, Seoul, earlier this week, Kim Sae Ron is being heavily criticized by the public. Because of her wrongdoing, Kim Sae Ron’s two new dramas have been dragged into her problem. 

Kim Sae-ron

Set to release later this year, Netflix’s original series “Bloodhounds” starring Kim Sae Ron as one of the leads, began shooting at the end of 2021 and has completed about 80% of the filming. But due to Kim Sae Ron, the release schedule is now being re-discussed and will most likely be postponed. 

Kim Sae-ron
Kim Sae-ron
Kim Sae Ron’s DUI accident hurt 2 dramas 

Early this year, Kim Sae Ron was confirmed to star in SBS’s new drama “Trolley”. However, a day after her drunk driving accident, she announced to drop out of the cast of “Trolley”. Since the filming for “Trolley” has yet to start, the damage caused by Kim Sae Ron is less serious compared to “Bloodhounds”. 

River Where the Moon Rises

In early 2022, amid the broadcast of “River Where the Moon Rises”, Ji Soo, who was playing the lead, came under fire over school violence and sexual harassment allegations. The filming was almost finished at the time, but Ji Soo was still immediately fired from the cast. Na In Woo was later cast to replace Ji Soo. The drama also had to reshoot the first 6 episodes with Na In Woo. The production company behind “River Where the Moon Rises” also sued Ji Soo for damages the drama suffered due to his scandal, including drops in viewership ratings, viewers’ protest, money loss, tarnished image, etc. 

Taxi Driver 

Similar to “River Where The Moon Rises”, “Taxi Driver” also had their leading actress in a heavy scandal. In particular, April’s Naeun was accused of bullying her former group member Hyun Joo, and had to withdraw from all of her projects to enter a hiatus.

As a result, “Taxi Driver” also had to look for a replacement, and actress Pyo Ye Jin was chosen. Korean netizens believed this to be a change for the better, seeing that people praised Pyo Ye Jin’s acting abilities, while doubting if Naeun can portray such a complex character. According to them, “Taxi Driver” was actually quite the lucky case. 


The KBS series “Dear.M” was probably the most regrettable case of them all. The rom-com K-drama was supposed to be NCT Jaehyun’s acting debut, and already announced its release date. However, KBS made a last-minute decision to postpone “Dear.M”, and even now, the K-drama is nowhere to be seen.

Dear M
Dear M
The KBS series “Dear.M” was probably the most regrettable case of them all.

This all happened after the leading actress Park Hye Soo was accused of school violence. However, since “Dear.M” already finished filming, KBS couldn’t just replace her, and other cast members were also unwilling to re-film. As a result, “Dear.M” was put on hold, and while there are rumors that it would be aired in Japan soon, there’s no news of it returning to Korea. 

Delayed Justice 

The late 2020 K-drama “Delayed Justice” struggled due to actor Bae Seong Woo, who played one of the two main characters of the show. In particular, right after episode 11 was aired, Bae Seong Woo violated a serious traffic law and thus was heavily criticized by the public. At the time, the series had already finished filming 16 out of its 20 episodes, but there was no choice but to replace the actor. 

Delayed Justice
Delayed Justice
The 2020 drama “Delay Justice”

Initially, rumors had it that famous actor Lee Jung Jae, the CEO of Seong Woo’s agency, would step in. However, due to scheduling issues, it was actor Jung Woo Sung that appeared in the final 4 episodes. Turns out, these situations even happened to actors of super star level. 

Delayed Justice

One person’s mistake can cause mishap to an entire crowd, and the aforementioned K-dramas are prime examples. Korean actors and actresses need to watch their own actions, not just for themselves, but also for the people they work with. 

Source: Dienanh

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