More evidence has been pointed out to prove KBS’s score manipulation in the controversy of Lim Young-woong’s No.2 on “Music Bank” (ft. IVE, TREASURE)

KBS’s music program “Music Bank”, which is suspected of manipulating scores, continued to be criticized with another problem.

On May 20th, A – the citizen who demanded the Korea Communications Standards Commission to impose a legal sanction and fine on KBS said, “I requested the National Police Agency to carry out a thorough investigation as a stain has been found in KBS’s explanation for the ‘record-fixing allegation’ and ‘Music Bank scoring controversy’ regarding Lim Young-woong’s song”.

Lim Young Woong

A pointed out, “Lim Young-woong’s song ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ was broadcast on radios at least three times during the second week of May but failed to get a single broadcasting point”, adding, “Groups TREASURE and IVE also appeared on KBS contents ‘Idol Human Theater’ and ‘Lee Mu-jin Service’ like LE SSERAFIM but only received 14 points and 21 points, respectively, in the broadcasting category. This is why the controversy over score manipulation was sparked.”

Citing the case of Mnet’s “Produce” series producer was found guilty of manipulation and sentenced to prison, A continued, “This ‘Music Bank 0 point case’ is a matter of democracy related to fair competition issue in our society”.

A said, “The National Police Agency needs to conduct a thorough investigation to establish democracy and legal principles on this problem”, asking the Kookmin Newspaper to certify that their complaint has been filed to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

lim you

Lim Young-woong performed on the broadcast of “Music Bank”, which aired on May 13th, and was nominated for the No.1 trophy. His rival LE SSERAFIM eventually won with 5000 points in broadcasting while Lim Young-woong was given 0 points in this category. This caused the public’s demand for an explanation to be poured out.

Lim Young Woong

Since Lim Young-woong failed to win No.1 due to his broadcasting score, viewers immediately filed petitions asking KBS to disclose their scoring calculation and pointed out the possibility of a score manipulation.

In response, KBS insisted, “Points for the ranking that day was counted from May 2nd to May 8th, and Lim Young-woong’s ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ was not broadcast on KBS TV, radios and digital contents”, adding, “The song also received a preference ratio of 0% in a survey conducted on 17,000 people.”

Lim Young Woong

Unlike KBS’s explanation, it was later revealed that Lim Young-woong’s ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ was played on a number of radio programs, such as “Exciting Night” (CoolFM) and “Lim  Baek-cheon’s Back Music” (KBS HappyFM) on the 4th, as well as “With Kim Hye-young” (HappyFM 106.1Mhz) on the 7th.

Criticism continued to pour out on KBS as it was additionally revealed that new songs were supposed to not be included in the preference survey in their first week. 

KBS is currently in the position to present a second position as the viewers’ petition demanding an additional explanation from KBS has collected 1000 signatures on May 19th, the same day when it was launched.

Source: nate

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