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“Running Man” Cha Eun-woo X Moon Bin X Yoon San-ha, Jeon So-min’s black heart is activated by “romance comic visuals”

Astro Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin and Yoon San-ha will compete in a modern triathlon for pride on “Running Man”.

SBS’ “Running Man“, which is scheduled to air on May 22nd (Sunday), raised everyone’s expectations by announcing the appearance of “romance comic visual” guests who will evoke Jeon So-min‘s “indecent desires”.

The recent recording was decorated as a race to capture the team leader’s heart and protect roses. There were 2 teams: “Black Heart Team” (led by Jeon So-min) which consisted of 100% black-hearted members and “White Heart Team” (led by Song Ji-hyo) whose black heart could not be found even after bathing eyes.

Running Man

Jeon So-min could not hide her indecent desires by shouting “What day is it today?” at the unexpected appearance of “refreshing idols” Astro Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin and Yoon San-ha. In addition, when Jeon So-min was immediately disarmed by Cha Eun-woo’s word “You are pretty” and responded only to Astro members’ words, one Running Man member even declared their withdrawal from the team, saying, “If you do it this way, I’ll mess with you!”

Running Man

Meanwhile, Astro members, who are usually known as “athletic idols”, drew attention by challenging Running Man members with enthusiasm. First of all, “basketball genius” Cha Eun-woo showed off his basketball skills with a standard posture, drawing admiration from the members. Besides, “mini challenge mania” Yoon San-ha had a trick shot match against Yoo Jae-suk, who is good at petty tricks. “Idol wrestling champion” Moon Bin played a well-matched wrestling match against “Mr. Capable” Kim Jong-kook, heating up the atmosphere.

Running Man

The result will be revealed on “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air at 5 PM on May 22nd (Sunday), whether Astro can defeat Running Man members and protect their pride as athletic idols.

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