Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving CCTV footage is revealed: staggering off-course before hitting and running away

A CCTV video showing the incident footage of actress Kim Sae-ron, who was booked on charges of drunk driving, is released.

On the morning of May 18th, Kim Sae-ron hit several road structure while driving near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

kim sae ron

Kim Sae-ron is known to have hit guardrail, street tree, and transformer unit several times, and the police were dispatched after receiving a report that “there is a car that is staggering and went off-road” and caught Kim Sae-ron. Kim Sae-ron wanted a blood test instead of a breathalyzer test and moved to a hospital to collect blood.


The Gangnam Police Station said to OSEN, “After collecting blood, we will ask the National Forensic Service to check the blood alcohol concentration. We are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.”

After the accident, photos of the trees, guardrails, and transformer units that Kim Sae-ron hit were released on SNS and the online community along with testimonies from witnesses and civil inconvenience caused by this incident.

In particular, CCTV footages containing Kim Sae-ron’s accident video was also released. Kim Sae-ron’s vehicle stumbles right after making a right turn before runing into a transformer unit. After the accident, Kim Sae-ron continued to drive away, and was arrested by the police about 30 minutes after the accident. There was also another passenger in the car.


Meanwhile, regarding Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving, her agency said, “She has conducted a blood collection test for an accurate result, and after the test, she returned home accompanied by her guardian without any other investigation. The results of the blood collection test will be released in two weeks, and we will faithfully respond to the police’s request later,” it said.


Kim Sae-ron is currently filming Netflix’s “Bloodhounds,” and has been cast in SBS’ new drama “Trolley” and the movie “Everyday We Are.” “The shooting schedule will be adjusted afterwards, and we will announce to you as soon as the release schedule is organized after sufficient discussion,” the “Bloodhounds” team said.

Source: daum

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