The secret to pregnancy from a married girl group member… “You should do this before sunset”

A former female idol who is a mother of 3 has revealed her secret for successful pregnancy with her daughters. 

Yulhee was the main dancer and rapper of the girl group LABOUM. She married FT ISLAND’s Choi Minhwan in 2018. The two have a son who was born in 2018, and twin daughters who were born in 2020.

Yulhee choi minhwan

Yulhee recently made a guest appearance on the April 30th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s reality show “Mr. House Husband”. Yulhee and Choi Minhwan invited twin families to their house. Yulhee then drew attention by revealing her secret to becoming pregnant and giving birth to a daughter. 

Yulhee choi minhwan

Mothers had tea time while husbands took their children outside. When a mother of twins mentioned Yulhee‘s age (Yulhee was born in 1997), Yulhee said, “I was in my postpartum period when my husband enlisted in the military. I didn’t cry, but he cried“.

They also shared the ‘19+ Talk’ on how to get pregnant and give birth to a daughter. Another twin mother asked, “Did you try anything to have a daughter?

Yulhee replied, “I didn’t know, but my husband said he tried. I heard he learned the secret from his uncle. They say that you shouldn’t stop (having sexual intercourse). And we have to do it in the early evening of the daytime (with the sun),” drawing laughter. When the twin mothers heard this, she looked embarrassed.

Mr. House Husband”  is broadcast every Saturday at 9:20 pm KST on KBS 2TV.

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