Han Ga In, whose daughter is in the ‘top 1%’ students, “I spend over 30% of my income on my children’s education”

Actress Han Ga In confessed that she spends more than 30% of her income on her children’s education.

On February 15th, Han Ga In appeared on the YouTube channel “Kim Mi Kyung TV” and expressed her concerns, saying that she got “burnt out” due to parenting difficulties.  Han Ga In, who is turning 42 years old this year, said, “I was completely burned out when I was 38. I was very unwell. My dizziness became so severe that it was difficult to even walk. I also breastfed the baby while crawling.”

She continued, “As I ran out of energy, my mental strength was also depleted, and I thought, ‘I can’t do it anymore’.” 

Han Ga In

Han Ga In also confided in her concerns about the cost of her children’s education. She said, “I think that’s what mothers always worry about. In the book, I’m told not to spend more than 30% of my income on the education of my children, but looking closely, it seems that it even exceeded 30%.”

“It’s difficult to maintain some balance because there are so many things to do for the kids,” she added.

Han Ga In married actor Yeon Jung Hoon in 2005. They have one daughter and one son. In 2016, after 11 years of marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, her first child, and in 2019, she gave birth to her second child, a boy.

Han Ga In

Han Ga In made headlines when revealing that her daughter was in the top 1% of the gifted and talented students based on test results, and that she attended school for gifted students when she was only 6. In various entertainment programs, Han Ga In boasted, “(My daughter at the time) was only 4, but I felt that she learnt so fast, so I took her to an institution. She took a test and came out at the top 1%. She is very good at languages. She is fluent in both English and Chinese.”

Source: Nate

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