Not awarded any Daesang but this song should be honored “Song of 2018”!

Despite not awarded “Song of the Year” at any award show, this super hit is fully capable of getting ít owner a Daesang!

The year 2018 has passed and overall the Korean music scene continues to record a more colorful new page. A series of successful hit songs were named at the awards ceremony, giving their owners the deserved Daesang trophies. However, it would be flawed if we did not mention one of 2018’s super hits, a song that absolutely deserves the title of “Song of the Year” – Momoland‘s “Bboom Bboom“. Find out why Momoland deserves this title!

“Bboom Bboom” – the phenomenon of 2018.

Digital sales are great


When it was first released on January 3, 2018, “Bboom Bboom” was completely nowhere to be seen on the Korean music charts. The 91th position on the top 100 of MelOn is even the highest rank ever for Momoland.

“Bboom Bboom” debuted at No. 91 on MelOn

But no one could have expected, after the controversial victory on Music Bank and the plagiarism rumor, “Bboom Bboom” suddenly climbed up the charts, got to No. 2 on the top 100 MelOn, which is probably what 9 Momoland could girls never think of.

Only losing to iKON on MelOn, “Bboom Bboom” set up Momoland’s new history
The song also excelled at dominating the iTunes top 100 in the Philippines

Continuing to maintain its incredible rank, “Bboom Bboom” is currently the song with 4th highest Gaon’s music scores this year with nearly 930 million, temporarily the most successful girl group song in 2018.

“Bboom Bboom” only ranked lower than iKON, Jang Deok Cheol and Paul Kim’s.

The hot dance that created a trend around the world

Just like the success formula that Shinsadong Tiger has applied to “Bboom Bboom“, besides the super-catchy melody, the choreography is also one of the key factors creating the boom for this song. Thousands of cover dance clips for “Bboom Bboom” appeared on Youtube, from young people, boys and girls, and even many other idols couldn’t resist the charm of this song.

The keyword “Bboom Bboom Dance cover” earned 2.4 million results on Google in 0.4 seconds
From iKON, Wanna One to Sunmi, TWICE, … all dance to “Bboom Bboom”

The amount of Youtube views

Up to the present time, after more than 11 months of release, the “Bboom Bboom” MV has gained 296 million views on Youtube, second only to BTS (Fake Love and IDOL) and BLACKPINK (DDU-DU DDU-DU) on the list of the most viewed MVs in 2018. In addition, “Bboom Bboom” also helped Momoland become the first female group out of BIG3 with 2 million likes on YouTube.

Nearly 300 million views and more than 2 million likes after more than 11 months of release

Take Momoland from an unknown group to become a phenomenon of 2018

Undeniably thanks to “Bboom Bboom“, Momoland completely changed its fate. Releasing 2 previous albums but leaving no impression, now 9 girls have a certain place in the K-Pop industry, owning 2 MVs over 100 million and the second most popular hit in 2018 and extremely famous in the Philippines, Indonesia,…

The biggest boost in Momoland’s career is “Bboom Bboom”

Although there are many other famous names in 2018 such as “Love Scenario(iKON) or “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (BLACKPINK), it’s hard to find a harmonious song between all aspects of the catchy melody, digital record, Youtube view or a trend dance movement around the world. It is not exaggerating to say that “Bboom Bboom” deserves the song of 2018!

Source: Kenh14

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