New phase of Kim Seon-ho’s scandal: 40,000 people against his withdrawal → Fans to collect malicious comments

Amidst the new phase of Kim Seon-ho’s ‘private life’ scandal, the moves of his fans are drawing keen attention.

The controversy over actor K’s private life issues caused by A’s disclosure through an online community on the 17th of last month has turned to a new episode. Actor K’s ex-girlfriend – A revealed that she got pregnant in July last year but was recommended to get an abortion by K with an excuse related to his work. She claimed that K promised to marry her later but didn’t keep his words after the abortion.

After that, actor K was found out to be Kim Seon-ho, and the actor himself officially apologized on the 20th of last month. The disclosure’s author – A, said, “I already received his apology, and I think there were some misunderstandings between us. I hope people will refrain from spreading more exaggerated and false stories about us.”

Kim Seon-ho

However, Kim Seon-ho and A’s acquaintances later released testimonies and evidence related to the controversy, and the KakaoTalk messages between Kim Seon-ho and A and the process of the two becoming lovers and breaking up. Along with this, Kim Seon-ho’s fans have also started to make some movements. Kim Seon-ho Gallery, a community of Kim Seon-ho’s fans, is trying to collect malicious comments and deliver them to his agency, and is raising voices against Kim Seon-ho’s departure from “Two Days and One Night” on the KBS viewers’ petition bulletin board.

Kim Seon-ho

On November 1st, Kim Seon-ho Gallery made a post saying, “Guidance on collecting PDF of malicious comments and posts about actor Kim Seon-ho.” The gallery said, “Kim Seon-ho Gallery collects all evidence on rumors, personality insults, and defamation related to actor Kim Seon-ho and his family. The collected contents will be gathered and sent to his agency.”

The post continued, “Defamation through the spread of unconfirmed facts and timely defamation for the purpose of slander are all obvious illegal activities and legal punishment. We hope everyone recognizes that Kim Seon-ho Gallery always pays close attention to continuous invasion of privacy, defamation, and credit of the actor.”

At the same time, the number of people who agreed to the viewers’ petition against Kim Seon-ho’s departure from “2 Days 1 Night Season 4” exceeded 42,000. (42,207 in total as of the afternoon of Nov 2) The netizen who posted the petition shared, “Celebrities rise to a higher position than ordinary people, but they are still ordinary people before becoming celebrities. I am making this petition with the hope that we should resolve the problem together and listen to the other side’s point of view before making a decision.”

KBS viewers’ petition is a system in which the person in charge of the relevant department will directly respond if more than 1,000 people agree for 30 days. The petition will go on until Nov 18th, and the person in charge must respond as it has already received more than 1,000 consents. Everyone is focusing on how “2 Days 1 Night”, which decided to leave Kim Seon-ho and edited him from the amount of filming, will respond to the viewers’ petition.

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