Fans signed petitions to keep Kim Seon-ho on “2 Days 1 Night”: “Please protect Kim Seon-ho”

Fans of actor Kim Seon-ho, who recently apologized for his controversy and is facing the threat of being kicked out of the entertainment industry, are signing petitions to save him.

Today (Oct 20th), Kim Seon-ho finally released his official apology four days after his ex-girlfriend revealed his controversial private life. After a long and consistent silence, he finally bowed his head, saying, “I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt.” However, the public still criticized that it was only an “empty apology” as he didn’t take any responsibility. 

After the announcement of his apology, Kim Seon-ho announced his departure from the entertainment program “2 Days 1 Night on which he was a fixed cast, and dropped out of the movie “2 O’Clock Date“. His images are rapidly disappearing from more than 10 advertisements of brands he recently signed with. 

While the entertainment industry is trying to get rid of Kim Seon-ho, his fans are posting a series of petitions against Kim Seon-ho’s departure through the KBS Viewers’ Rights Center’s petition bulletin board. As of 4 p.m. on Oct 20th, there were 45 related petitions alone, and about 15,000 people have signed.

However, after Kim Seon-ho and his agency Salt Entertainment officially apologized for the controversy, and the production team already decided to drop him out of the show after discussions, these demands can be considered as “blind love from fans”.

In particular, since Kim Seon-ho already apologized for the allegations related to his private life, hundreds of production staff and fellow actors who trusted him along with 10 advertisers who signed with him now have to suffer from damages. While people are still angry because the actor apologized without mentioning any of his responsibility, unconditional love and blind support from fans could be considered poisonous love.

Fans signed petitions to keep Kim Seon-ho on “2 Days 1 Night”: “Please protect Kim Seon-ho”

A sincere apology should go together with responsibilities. It won’t be too late to continue supporting him after he shows attitudes that express a sense of responsibility.

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