A former reporter exposed Kwon Mina’s lack of professionalism during AOA’s activities

Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter, pointed out Kwon Mina’s unprofessional attitudes when she was still a member of AOA.

AOA Kwon Mina Shin Jimin

On September 10, Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video on his Youtube channel titled, “Choa gave up… The reason why Kwon Mina only attack Shin Jimin”

In the video, Lee Jin Ho said, Kwon Mina is the kind of person who would become oversensitive when it comes to her sleep. When AOA went to Malaysia for a performance in August 2018, Kwon Mina couldn’t sleep well due to the tight schedule, and she complained about the poor condition of the accommodation.”

He explained, “Due to Kwon Mina‘s bad condition, she was taken to the hospital and was absent from the group’s performance. Therefore, other members had to hurriedly change the choreography and try to match their dance positions with each other. After the rehearsal, Shin Jimin spent all her time until late at night taking care of Kwon Mina.”

Lee Jin Ho emphasized, “The problem was a day after the performance, Kwon Mina was caught swimming and getting a massage at the hotel. She looked healthy as if nothing had happened. As a result, the local agent complained to AOA’s company, FNC Entertainment.”

AOA Kwon Mina Shin Jimin

In addition, he said Kwon Mina once again expressed her dissatisfaction with the accommodation’s poor condition because it caused her lack of sleep during the shoot of an MV. He also stated that Kwon Mina filmed a short walking scene more than 5 times.

Lee Jin Ho shared, “In the end, the director helplessly cut the scene.” He said that the staff felt bad for the director, and they criticized Kwon Mina for not being able to film a simple walking scene properly.

In addition, the reporter added, “Whenever such problems occurred, other members of AOA didn’t say a thing. They did not even point out Kwon Mina‘s faults or demand an improvement from her. That was why leader Shin Jimin had to come forward and spoke up most of the time.”

The reporter also mentioned the transcript released by Dispatch and commented, “As you can see, it is true that Kwon Mina didn’t listen even to the eldest sister, Cho A. Therefore, Shin Jimin had to raise her voice, and this is the root of the conflict between Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin. That’s why Kwon Mina felt that she was bullied by Shin Jimin.”

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