Fans are surprised by the age difference of some K-pop and Hollywood stars

Many netizens are shocked when they find out the unexpected age difference between these Kpop idols and Western artists.

K-pop idols always take good care of their appearance.  Therefore, they always look nice in public, and sometimes they do not show any signs of aging. Therefore, many fans are still taken aback when they know the actual age of the idols.

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Irene is one year older than Cardi B

The first shocking age difference is between the duo Irene and Cardi B. With her usual soft and refreshing fashion style, few people know that the leader of Red Velvet has recently turned 30. Notably, Irene is even a year older than the American rapper Cardi B.

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Cardi B was born in 1992; although she is a year younger than Irene, she is currently pregnant with her second child. Besides, Cardi B’s fashion style also makes her look mature and bold, contributing to the impression that she might be older than Irene.

Hwasa, Jisoo, and Nayeon are the same age

Many viewers were shocked to know that the 3 female idols above were all born in 1995. Jisoo was surprised to be the oldest sister of BLACKPINK because her youthful appearance made her always look like the youngest.

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Like her peers, Nayeon was once mistaken for the youngest member of TWICE because both her face and personality all exude cuteness. On the other hand, Hwasa has a cool face and sexy fashion style, so few people know that this charming girl is MAMAMOO‘s maknae.

Shawn Mendes is younger than Jimin

With his talent and quite a love history, few people know that the singer Shawn Mendes is only 23 years old. He is the youngest singer and songwriter to rank 25th on Billboard at the moment. What’s even more special is that the male singer is 2 years younger than BTS‘s Jimin.

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Is the fashion style the reason why the audience is surprised to know the age difference between the two stars? While Shawn Mendes often wears patterned shirts or trendy suits, Jimin always appears full of personality with diverse and comfortable fashion.

Wendy is older than Doja Cat

It seems that visual orientation is the key to the age difference between K-pop and US-UK stars. Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Doja Cat are also typical duos.

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While Wendy follows teen style, light and clear, Doja Cat favors a more mature, lady fashion. That is why many viewers do not realize that she is 1 year younger than Wendy.

Kylie Jenner, Rosé, and Lisa are of the same age

Many viewers will be shocked to know that sexy model Kylie Jenner was only born in 1997. What’s even more surprising is that she is the same age as Rosé and Lisa of BLACKPINK.

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Moreover, while Kylie Jenner is pregnant for the second time, the 2 female K-pop idols still have a youthful and dynamic appearance. Rosé and Lisa even often show childish actions to tease each other.

It is the variance in style that creates a distinct difference in appearance among artists of the same age. Each image, however, is adapted to a particular culture and helps these stars make an impression on the public.

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