The Kid LAROI, “BTS is a legend. I liked Jungkook’s cover and was impressed” 

The Kid LAROI showed satisfaction with BTS Jungkook’s cover of “Stay”.

On the October 13th broadcast of KBS2 program “Entertainment company Live”, famous pop star The Kid LAROI, who ranked number 1 on the Billboard chart for 7 weeks, was interviewed.


According to The Kid LAROI, he got to eat together with BTS after HYBE acquired SB Projects. Meanwhile, his song “Stay”, which topped the Billboard chart for 7 weeks, became a hot topic in Korea.


At “Entertainment company Live”, The Kid LAROI said, “Justin Bieber really liked the song ‘Stay’. When I asked to put it on the new album, he said to put it under my name. I did as he said and it feels good. It’s been two years since we met, but now we’re best friends.”

In Korea, BTS Jungkook covered it and received explosive attention. Regarding this. The Kid LAROI expressed,”I like BTS Jungkook’s cover. Isn’t BTS a legend? It was such an honor and impression. It was really meaningful.”

The Kid LAROI BTS Jungkook

He then smiled, saying, “I just met J-Hope. We also talked about music.”

Meanwhile, “Entertainment company Live”, which is aired every Thursday at 11PM (KST), is a program that provides the right information and shares in-depth stories by meeting numerous stars and cultural artists who lead the Korean pop culture.

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