TWICE Momo radiates sexy beauty with trong honey thighs and top-notch brightness

TWICE member Momo unveiled an alluring visual in her new SNS update.

On October 14th, TWICE Momo posted several photos of herself on SNS.  In the photos, Momo can be seen just sitting elegantly in the car. 


With her bottom being so short it was hidden, Momo showed off her honey thighs while sitting with her legs crossed, exuding a subtle sexiness.

In another photo, Momo was caught staring at the screen, at the same time boasting her sharp visual, dazzling beauty, and at the same time, a fatal aura. 


Meanwhile, TWICE, the girl group to which Momo belongs, released a new album “Between 1&2” and the title song “Talk that Talk” back in August.

Source: Nate

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