“A Proud Chinese,” Chinese netizens’ happy reaction to Jang Won-young’s nationality rumor from YouTube

While IVE Jang Won-young is suffering from rumors on Youtube regarding her nationality, Chinese netizens’ reactions are also becoming a hot topic.

Recently, an untimely “nationality suspicion” is spreading on various online communities due to the leakage of copies of Jang Won-young‘s family registration, which has the address that appears to be Jang Won-young’s home address and her somewhat exotic father’s name.


In addition, when Jang Won-young appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 48” in the past, her English name was written as Chang Yuang Ying on the website. Due to this, some netizens started suspecting that Jang Won-young’s nationality and schools are Chinese.

Since then, Jang Won-young’s fluent Chinese pronunciation has been re-examined, which leads to many “believing” in the allegations instead of being “sceptical,” leading to it becoming a hot topic on YouTube as fake news.

Jang Won-young profile

Eventually, the allegations spread on the Chinese online communities, and Chinese netizens who heard this exclaimed, “I’m so happy that a Chinese is the center,” “I think Jang Won-young is Chinese,” and “Jang Won-young must be 100% pure Chinese.”

After hearing this, netizens are reacting in various ways, such as, “The agency need to do something quick,” “I hope they come up with a clean stance now,” “It’s hard for me to see the malicious comments in Korea, but now even China, this is unreasonable,” and “If she lives in Korea, she is Korean, what’s with the fuss?”

Jang Won young

Born in 2004, Jang Won-young, who is 18 years old this year, is currently active as a member of IVE.

Jang Won-young graduated from Shinyongsan Elementary School in Seoul, passed the academic qualification exam after dropping out of Yonggang Middle School, and is currently attending School of Performing Arts Seoul. Her birthplace is also Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and Jang Won-young was seen carrying a Korean passport at the airport in the past.

On the other hand, Jang Won-young was recently accused of stealing culture by the Chinese after she introduced the Phoenix Hairpin as “Korean.”

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