Tiffany discussed her outfits for Girls’ Generation’s activities “I only wore the remaining clothes”

Girls’ Generation member and actress Tiffany Young revealed stories behind her outfits for Girls’ Generation’s activities.

On March 7th, a video titled “This is already 15 years ago? Tiffany’s fashion timeline” was uploaded on YouTube channel “Harper’s BAZAAR Korea”.


On this day, Tiffany had time to reveal her thoughts and stories behind her outfits for Girls’ Generation’s activities from the past to the present.

Looking at the teaser during Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday” promotion, Tiffany said, “I took out my styling a lot. made my hair color and makeup clean. It’s not pink, but lavender. I’ve been taking out pink a lot since then.”


She continued, “From that point on, I often wore feather outfits. I love feather so much that I dressed the members up with feather during Girls’ Generation-TTS’ activities.”

Tiffany added, “Don’t you think there’s energy from feather? I love its volume. I really like the energy that feathers give me by adding volume to my hair. I like ‘Elton John’ so much.”

Tiffany then revealed the story behind the “Forever1” promotion’s photos in which she wore feather clothes again. She said, “The behind-the-scenes story of this outfit is that I only wore the remaining clothes. I think we should believe in fate. I tend to believe in feather. Because of that volume and three-dimensional effect, the moving energy was contained again.”


She expressed her affection for Girls’ Generation, “This promotion meant so much to me. It was a promotion to repay the love the group had received for 15 years. Even now, when I talk about it, I still feel like crying. I still see the members next to me and think of them.”

Source: nate

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