This celebrity is so pretty, even other celebrities gasped seeing her pictorial and were shocked after seeing her in real life

Even celebrities are surprised by how pretty BLACKPINK Jisoo is in person.


In an entertainment program, as the cast covered the theme of “Is there a celebrity who was so pretty that you couldn’t help but gasp?” Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I’m not an idol, so I’ll talk comfortably,” and added, “The moment when I really gasped out loud was when I saw BLACKPINK Jisoo. I was so surprised. I thought she wasn’t even a real person. I came to greet her at the waiting room for ‘Wednesday Food Talk’, she was unrealistically beautiful,” he praised.


BLACKPINK Jisoo is showing off a variety of her charms such as innocence, sensual or chic charm.

Shall we take a look at various aspects of BLACKPINK Jisoo in this beauty pictorial?

A photoshoot with a fresh, fruity charm.


Jisoo shows off her juicy, fresh charm with pink eyeshadow and blusher. Try to boldly omit the eyeliner and emphasize your eyes with only mascara. It is important to keep your skin smooth with primer and to make your skin look clean without blemishes.

A photoshoot with alluring charm.


She applied dark eye shadow widely to contour her eyes and completed the smoky makeup by drawing eyeliner to the bottom of her eyes.

Red, intense and chic charm.


In another photo, Jisoo catches fan’s eye with her red lips and red nails. Her smooth white skin and red lips show off her clear facial features. Red lips alone are intense enough, so you can avoid smoky makeup to create a sophisticated but not rustic look.

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