Jessica’s re-debut and Girls’ Generation’s comeback may overlap? “Destiny” after 15 years 

Jessica is preparing for her debut in China while Girls’ Generation is about to make a comeback. 

Former Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and 8 current members, who celebrate their 15th debut anniversary this year, are taking different steps. After Jessica’s departure from the group in 2014, they have been going their separate ways. But in 2022, their fates seem to be crossed again. 

Jessica is gearing up for her re-debut in China as she is appearing in Season 3 of the Chinese survival show “Sisters Who Make Waves” where she competes to debut in a 7-member girl group.

After leaving Girls’ Generation, Jessia went solo and released the mini-album “With Love J” in 2016. However, after receiving a cold response, Jessica seemed to put her singing career on hold for a while. In the meantime, she started a business path with her boyfriend Tyler Kwon. In September last year, she got embroiled in a lawsuit worth 8 billion won.

Nearly eight years after leaving Girls’ Generation, the reversal card that Jessica pulled out was her participation in a Chinese survival program as a contestant. 

When Jessica announced her re-debut, mixed reactions and concern arose. The fact that Jessica, who used to be a member of a top K-pop girl group, decided to compete for a place to debut in a girl group in China, is said to be undermining the value of Girls’ Generation’s name.

Some fans also expressed their sadness seeing a Girls’ Generation member lose her identity and choose this path, as they expected her to become a judge instead of a contestant. 

Jessica recently shared photos from “Sisters Who Make Waves” on her Instagram with the caption “Another beautiful memory“. Dressed in a cowboy outfit, Jessica confidently stands in the center, showing off a strong aura. 

If Jessica finally makes it into the re-debut girl group, there is a high possibility that her activities will overlap with 8 Girls’ Generation members. This is because the 8 members of Girls’ Generation are preparing for a comeback on the 15th anniversary of their debut. Among the members, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun already left SM Entertainment, but their team activities still continue.

Girls’ Generation, who announced their comeback next month, fired the signal for a comeback after 5 years since their 6th regular album ‘Holiday Night’. The members are raising expectations as they plan to appear on various TV shows to commemorate the release of their 15th debut anniversary album and also to showcase their own reality programs.

In particular, the members showed a strong friendship in JTBC’s ‘Soshi Tam Tam’, which aired for the first time on the 5th.

On the other hand, the 5th of next month is Girls’ Generation’s debut date – a special day for the members who have been running for 15 years. Thus, fans are curious about how the members will celebrate their 15th anniversary.

In 2022, Jessica and Girls’ Generation, who debuted together 15 years ago, faced different fates. Despite coming from different agencies, Girls’ Generation held hands and stood on the same stage again. Meanwhile, after many twists and turns, Jessica challenged herself to stand alone in China. Will Jessica be able to completely remove the ‘Girls’ Generation’ tag from her name?

Source: daum

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