K-netizens ask NingNing to leave the group after her Bubble message, “aespa with 3 members is enough!”

Korean netizens are showing a negative reaction to aespa’s maknae after the recent controversy.

aespa’s Chinese member NingNing has been suffering from negative comments from Korean netizens for showing her support for the China team at the Beijing Winter Olympics taking place from February 4 to February 20. Many Korean fans are so angry at NingNing’s action that they even claim they will stop supporting aespa. 

aespa ningning
aespa’s NingNing got into a controversy by publicly supporting her country’s team

Specifically, on February 5, NingNing sent a message on Bubble in Chinese to congratulate on the first gold medal the China team has won. However, many netizens believe that China’s victory over Italy in the 2,000m short-track mixed relay is due to bias from the referee.

aespa ningning
“Wow, we received our first gold tonight… I’m happy” – NingNing’s Chinese message on Bubble makes K-netizens angry

NingNing is Chinese, so it should be a normal thing when she openly supports athletes of her home country.  However, the Beijing Winter Olympics also has the participation of the Korean team. Therefore, Korean netizens are dissatisfied to see an idol working in Korea cheering for the opponent’s victory. Moreover, the Korean team’s controversial elimination in the semi-finals of the men’s 1000m short track on February 7 has enraged Korean netizens and caused them to pour anger at NingNing even more:

  • That is obviously intentional.
  • She’s insane. If you’re making money in Korea, you should at least be careful with your words and actions.
  • Does she even think about Korean fans and Korean members?
  • Why doesn’t she just work in China? Why come to Korea?
  • There’s nothing to defend here.
  • Just go back to China already. That’s why we shouldn’t support SM’s music.
aespa ningning
Outraged at the unfair-play for the Korean team, Knetizens took out their anger on NingNing

This is not the first time that Korean netizens have expressed hatred towards Chinese Kpop idols, especially under SM. Many idols such as Kris, Luhan, and Tao (former EXO members) were criticized for being ungrateful as they returned to China after getting enough fame while working in Korea. Along with the controversies of other Chinese-born idols, NingNing inevitably became a target of criticism for Korean netizens. Many comments even said that she should no longer stay in aespa, and told her to leave the group:

  • She’s going back to China anyway and aespa will be promoting as a three member group.
  • That’s why I never cared about NingNing even when the group’s songs became popular, I just hated seeing her like I hate Chinese people.
  • I only support aespa with 3 members.
  • The fact that there is a Chinese member in a K-pop group makes the lineup look unpleasant.
  • It seems that it would be better for NingNing to leave the group.
  • Another person that bites the hand that feeds her? Making money in Korea but the heart is elsewhere? That must be so “grateful”.
Many netizens think that aespa would be better off with only 3 members, without NingNing
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