aespa NingNing became a new debate topic as she cheered for the Chinese athletes who won the Olympics Gold medal   

Some netizens expressed their unpleasant feelings after seeing aespa NingNing’s support for a Chinese short-track speed skater who won the Olympics Gold medal.

Recently, NingNing said in her bubble messages, “Wow, I’m glad we got the first gold medal tonight,” adding, “My homeroom teacher just informed me that the two Olympic winners are our alumni, which is an honor. Each and every athlete deserves respect,” she wrote. The messages were written in Chinese.


Pointing out that Ning Ning is a Chinese national, some netizens are expressing their anger, saying, “At the Olympics Opening Ceremony in China, they took away Korean cultures such as hanbok, yutnori, and the sangmo spinning dance. While Chinese netizens were terrorizing the Korean short-track speed skaters through SNS DMs, a Chinese member working as a Korean idol is cheering for the Chinese athletes in Chinese on Bubble. If you are a Korean, of course you are angry,” they said.

Other netizens also responded negatively, such as “Please be more sensible,” “I don’t think she even cares to look at the atmosphere,” “Go back to China please,” “This is why we don’t like Chinese idols,” “This is why I don’t like foreign members,” and “Why do you keep putting in foreign members when there are so many Koreans?”


However, in addition to NingNing‘s article, many are debating that, “All of our athletes are so amazing. After watching the Olympics, I think the players from all countries have worked so hard and are amazing too. Fighting,” and “I just cleaned my room and it was so hard. Guys, all the people on Earth are one family,” indicating advocacy that there is no need to criticize the young idol so hastily.

Meanwhile, China’s Ren Ziwei won the gold medal in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics at Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium on Feb 7th.

Ren Ziwei appeared to have pulled Hungary’s Liu Shaolin‘s arm and tried to reach for the finish line, but Liu endured it and crossed the line first. Later, the video reading predicted that Ren Ziwei would be disqualified because he was caught using his arm.

However, Liu Shaolin was suddenly disqualified for receiving a yellow card for interfering with Ren Ziwei‘s track. As Ren was not penalized in the official review, he won the Gold medal as the silver medal went to his compatriot Li Wenlong. Athletes from other countries except China booed at once, but Ren Ziwei enjoyed the joy.

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