Netizens were surprised to find out the identity of the person who sent actress Im Soo-hyang a big gift

Actress Im Soo-hyang certified that she received a gift from BLACKPINK Jennie.


Im Soo-hyang posted a photo of a large flower pot sent by Jennie on her Instagram on February 7th and wrote, “Sent by Jendeukie”.

Im Soo-hyang also uploaded a short video and said, “Jennie ah, thank you so much. But how can I open this?”. The released video showed Im Soo-hyang trying to open the gift box from Jennie. Since she did not know how to open the box, she tried to think of a way and used her strength.

Jennie and Im Soo-hyang appeared together on SBS’s entertainment program “Village Survival, The Eight”, which aired in 2018.

Netizens reacted, “The two are this close?”, “Did they become close friends after appearing in Village Survival? So lovely”, “The combination from Village Survival”, “It seems like they got closer after joining that variety show together”

Netizens reacted

Meanwhile, Im Soo-hyang has chosen the new drama “From Today, We Are” as her next project.

Jennie recently drew attention as she made a surprise appearance in the music video of
“Shinigami Eyes”, the new song of Canadian singer Grimes, Elon Musk’s ex-lover.

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