Drunk driving and inflicting property damage, the repair costs Kim Sae Ron will be charged 

After Kim Sae Ron came under investigation for DUI, K-netizens discussed the fine she’ll have to pay. 

Korean netizens are paying attention to the amount of charges related to actress Kim Sae Ron’s DUI with property damage that took place earlier today. Specifically, Kim Sae Ron is under police investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol, crashing into guardrails and trees by the street near the Hakdong intersection in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul around 8 am KST on May 18th. 

kim sae ron

Causing damage to any facilities installed on roads or sidewalks results in drivers obligatorily bearing the cost of restoration. Drivers are charged an average of 100,000 won per 1m in case they damage median barriers and guard rails, which are the most easily damaged facilities installed on roads, and an average of 170,000 won per 2m in case of trespassing bars. In the case of ginkgo trees, about 8.4 million won is charged. 

kim sae ron

Utility poles vary depending on high-voltage and low-voltage cables, and in general, an average of 10-20 million won including installation fee, and about 3 million won and amount for street lights are charged. 

For traffic lights, if only the traffic lights are damaged, an amount between 2 and 4 million won is charged, 7.5 million won for traffic signal controllers, and 20 million won or more if they need to be reinstalled after demolition. Damage of road guide signs cost an average of 900,000 won to 10 million won depending on the size.

kim sae ron

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron’s management agency, Gold Medalist, issued a response, saying, “Kim Sae Ron underwent a blood test for an accurate test. The result is expected to come out in two weeks, and we will faithfully respond to police requests in the future.”

kim sae ron

Netizens left comments on the news of Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving, “KEPCO will charge her for repairs”, “Drunk driving, property damage… She’s over”, “I’m glad she didn’t hit anyone.”

Source: wikitree

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