This is the new face chosen by Kim Tae-ri and Jeon Yeo-bin’s agency

Actress Choi Yu-ri joined hands with Management mmm.

Management mmm recently announced, “We signed an exclusive contract with Choi Yu-ri, a well-known child actress.”

choi yuri

The official added, “We will provide generous support under a systematic system so that actress Choi Yu-ri, who draws attention with her infinite potential and stable acting skills shown in various works, can develop her capabilities in the future.”

After her debut in 2014, Choi Yu-ri (born in 2009) made her face known by appearing in a number of dramas such as “Five Enough”, “Secret Mother”, “To. Jenny”, “Love with Flaws” and “Itaewon Class”. With her lovely charm, she will meet the audience through the movie “Alienoid“, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

choi yuri

Founded last year, Management mmm started with Kim Tae-ri and Jeon Yeo-bin, then later recruited Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Soo-in and Hong Kyung.

kim tae ri

Expectations are high on how Choi Yu-ri, who started anew under Management mmm, will perform.

Source: wikitree

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