Yoo Ah In turned around when being hit with a coffee bottle after the arrest warrant was dismissed

Yoo Ah In, who is accused of taking drugs, suffered the humiliation of being hit with a coffee plastic bottle on his way home after the arrest warrant was dismissed.

On May 24th, Lee Min Soo, a senior judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, dismissed the arrest warrant at 11:30 PM after holding a suspect questioning (warrant review) before arrest for Yoo Ah In.


The court said, “A significant amount of evidence related to the crime has already been secured, and the suspect has admitted a large part of the basic facts. He’s reflecting on smoking marijuana, and the use of cocaine can’t rule out some room for dispute, so it seems necessary to guarantee the defense right. Considering that Yoo Ah In’s residence is constant and he has no history of crimes of the same type, it’s difficult to conclude that there’s a risk of destroying evidence and escaping beyond the scope of exercising the defense right.” The court also dismissed the arrest warrant for Yoo Ah In’s acquaintance Choi (32) for the same reason.


Yoo Ah In returned home at 11:40 PM after receiving the results of the warrant review at the detention center of Seoul Mapo Police Station. When asked by reporters if the police’s attempt to arrest him was unreasonable, he replied, “I don’t think it’s a matter for me to judge. I respect and appreciate the court’s judgment.” Regarding the allegation of cocaine use, he said, “It’s difficult to tell the truth through the media. I’ll sincerely participate in the remaining procedures.”

In particular, a coffee plastic bottle flew to Yoo Ah In, who was on his way to get into the car after answering questions from reporters. Yoo Ah In, who was hit in the back, turned around to see where the bottle came from, but then quietly got into the car with the guidance of an official. The man who threw the bottle is said to have left his seat while putting the hoodie cap on.


Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In is accused of habitually administering propofol at hospitals in Gangnam and Yongsan, Seoul for about 2 years from early 2021. On top of that, not only propofol but also marijuana, cocaine and ketamine were detected, causing controversy. He is currently accused of taking 5 types of drugs as it was recently revealed that he abused Zolpidem.

Ahead of the warrant review, Yoo Ah In changed his position, saying, “I admit most of the charges.” However, he denied, “I didn’t attempt to help my accomplice flee away.”

Source: Nate

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