Lee Je Hoon reportedly purchased a Gangnam building worth 6.8 billion won

Actor Lee Je Hoon has become one of Gangnam building owners.

According to a report by Hankyung Dotcom on May 25th, Lee Je Hoon signed a contract to purchase a three-story building (land area of 252.5㎡, overall floor area of 537.36㎡) located in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul with 6.87 billion won in November 2021. 


In April last year, the actor applied for a change of building usage to a neighborhood living facility, and one month later, he paid the remaining balance. The new building is currently under construction. 

The area surrounding the building is designed as a land transaction permit zone in Gangnam-gu, along with Daechi-dong and Cheongdam-dong, where trading for actual usage purposes is mandatory. This has led to speculation that Lee Je Hoon purchased the building to use it as the office building for his company.


Lee Je Hoon founded Company On Inc. in April 2021. He is still listed as the CEO of the company. Building Road director Kim Won Hyun explained, “The area is near Gangnam Office Station, which is a transfer station between Line 7 and Suin Bundang Line, and it is adjacent to various government offices, such as Gangnam Health Center, the district office, and tax office”, adding, “It’s a typical office commercial district where large-scale office development is taking place, starting with the Seolleung-ro main road”.

He continued, “The land in Samsung-dong, as well as the general residential areas in Nonhyeon-dong, across Seolleung-ro, purchased by Lee Je Hoon recently saw an increase in price, ranging from 110 million to 130 million won per 3.3 square meters”, emphasizing that Lee Je Hoon, already made a significant profit as he purchased 3.3 square meters with 89.95 million won.


Director Kim also mentioned, “Considering the timing of the transaction and the construction plan, Lee Je Hoon seems to have contracted an old multi-family house, prepared for building permits and demolition reviews during the tenant’s transfer period to save financial costs incurred after the balance”, adding “Since the multi-family house was changed to a neighborhood living facility before the balance settlement, it can be assumed that using corporate entity for housing purchase after the tenant’s transfer makes it easier to handle of acquisition tax and loans for buildings other than residential properties.”

Lee Je Hoon drew attention when he won Best New Actor at various film festivals and award ceremonies, including the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Daejong Film Festival, with the movie “Bleak Night” in 2011. Later, he gained recognition for both acting and star potential after starring in “The Front Line” and “Architecture 101” as well as tvN’s drama “Signal”.


After establishing himself as a trustworthy actor with various impressive works, such as “Anarchist from Colony” and “I Can Speak”, Lee Je Hoon left his former agency in 2021 and founded Company On. He also established a content production company Hardcut to complete the production of the short film “Blue Happiness” he directed and wrote the script.

After the end of SBS’s “Taxi Driver 2”, which recorded a viewer rating peak of 21% and confirmed the production of Season 3 earlier this year, Lee Je Hoon is currently filming the movie “Moral Hazard”. His new project “Escape” is already scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year. In addition, the actor has also decided to appear in MBC’s new drama “Chief Investigator 1963”.

Source: Nate

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