57-year-old man who can’t forget his first love although she went to hotel with another man

A 57-year-old virgin loser appeared on “Unpredictable Fortunetellers” and showed innocence that he could not forget his first love.

KBS Joy’s “Unpredictable Fortunetellers” aired on June 5th.

The storyteller A, who is running 4 beauty salons and a cafe karaoke room in Australia, appeared. He is 57 years old and single. He is currently preparing for business in Korea.

Unpredictable Fortunetellers

A shared, “My parents and siblings are living in Australia. When I had the conviction of being single, things didn’t go well for me and the girl I dated when I was young. I haven’t dated anyone since then. Now I want to withdraw from celibacy and meet a woman like my first love.

The two fortunetellers said, “You’re so pure.” Seo Jang Hoon added, “I feel sorry for you. (Your first love) went to the hotel with another man. Don’t be tied to the memories of your first love alone. Shake it off and find a relationship with a light heart.”

Source: Nate

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