Lee Sung Kyung’s height increases in the morning? Reveals the meaning of her name

Actress Lee Sung Kyung, who has been appearing on “Dr. Romantic 3”, mentioned her height and name meaning.

On May 26th, a video titled “Allure’s First Ever Self-Profile! What’s the Story Behind Lee Sung Kyung‘s Interview in the Dressing Room?” was released on the YouTube channel “Allure Korea”.


In the video, actress Lee Sung Kyung indirectly mentioned the photo shoot location near Jamsu Bridge and shared the story of conducting an interview in the dressing room.

At the same time, Lee Sung Kyung rechecked her profile and said, “The name ‘Sung Kyung’ is written with the Chinese characters for ‘holy’ and ‘scripture.’ My parents, who have been devout Christians since I was in their womb, wanted to name their child Sung Kyung, whether it was a son or daughter. So, it literally means ‘holy scripture’ (or ‘the Bible’)”.

Regarding her height, the actress mentioned it as 174.4cm and said, “When I measure in the morning, it can reach up to 175cm. I recently had a health checkup, and the result was similar.”

She also laughed and said, “My blood type is B. In the past, people used to use blood type to tell personalities, but these days, MBTI seems to be more popular.”

Lee Sung Kyung, who is currently appearing in the SBS drama “Dr. Romantic 3″, also mentioned a nickname she recently received. In particular, she said, “Lately, maybe because I often wear surgical scrubs, I’ve been hearing a lot of comments that I look like a bean. It doesn’t seem like a nice nickname.”

Source: Nate

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